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Stage Performance

It was a solo Yakshagana performance based on a sub narrative from Janna’s Yashodhara Charite written in 13th century AD. The original text is a propagation of ‘non-violence’ as an important aspect of Jaina philosophy. The performance dealt with an excerpt from the original text to depict women liberation and freedom of choice.


In the narrative of the performance, Amrutamati falls in love with a conventionally ‘ugly man’ solely for his beautiful voice. She attempts to justify her love by redefining ‘the beauty’ by arguing its subjective meaning. She expresses her personal aspirations and liberation from the royal boundaries to one with a man of true love and beauty to her senses.

The performance was a contemplation of complex human behaviour, societal norms created by oneself and the conflict between the two. Here the text or the theme connotatively expresses the justification for non-normative definition of ‘beauty’.


Concept & performance: Pannaga Jois

Script, choreography and himmela: Guru Parameshwar Hegde


August 2016

Venue: Kuvempu Ranga Mandira, Shivamogga, India


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