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The Mother of a Traitor


The production was based on Maxim Gorky’s short story ‘The Mother of a Traitor’. The performance piece was an attempt to contemporize and contextualize the story that belong to the era of Russian revolution. It interprets the facets of patriotism that bring conflicts within the subjects while also relieves the single drive of possession for a commonly believed notion of ‘the nation’. The narrative addresses a mother’s patriotism over her son’s traitorship.


It was a choreographic piece with a scenographic element. Set design was conceptualized to juxtapose rusticity of earthy materials such as brick and mud with the finesse of highly choreographed body movements.

Concept, design, direction & choreography: Pannaga Jois

Sarangi: Kashif Nazim

Nagada: Abdul

Dhollu Kunita: Annoji Rao (Master), Annappa, Tojesh Kumar G., Harish R.P, Kiran Kumar.K, Pradesh.S.S


June 2015

Venue: National School of Drama, New Delhi, India

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