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Go Going Gone

Site Specific Performance

Deptford post office was almost abandoned and looked dysfunctional. This signified the postal system on the verge of extinction. Post offices which served as a treasure house of memories and community building are in recent time barely surviving. The site signified a nostalgia of the letters and parcels that were travelling through the post office. It also distinguished the tactile effect of receiving a hand written letter from a virtual mail. The loss of human touch and intimacy as a prey to the virtual world gets underlined by the host-space, Deptford Post office.

Performance began with the audience entering the post office filled with letters and parcels. Three actors were in the cycle of actions where one brings sacks of letters from outside to throw on the floor, the second picks the letters addressed to each audience and the third actor hands over the letters to audience. Each audience received a letter during the performance which was personally addressed to relive the tactile experience of hand-written communication.


Concept, design & execution: Pannaga Jois, Maya Goldstein & Francine Kliemann


March 2017
Venue: Royal Mail Post Office, Deptford, London, UK

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