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Scenographic Performance

The performance was an ensemble of light, sound, earth and objects placed in an order to convey the sensation and subjective understanding of the concept of ‘home’. The journey of life begins from home where one is born and brought up. Although one may move on to build homes of one’s own, ‘the home’ in the sense of origin and comfort, remains as that where one began the journey of life. Here I draw a common point that we start our learning with alphabets. The first letter - ಅ (/a/ ) of the alphabet in my mother tongue (Kannada) starts with same noun that is Amma meaning Mother. Home subconsciously implies to mother and the first letter in Kannada alphabet - ಅ ( /a/ ) for Amma meaning Mother.


It was an intimate performance around a table of 6’x4’, constructed to create close proximity with the audience and share personal space. The surface was made of glass lit from below. Sand was spread on the surface on which Kannada alphabet was written during performance. Objects were kept corresponding to each letter in the alphabet. Materials such as earth and glass were used as a metaphor to life and its fragility respectively.

Objects corresponding to each letter were chosen to create an atmosphere evoking the sense of my home. Each object used in the performance related to an incident, emotional attachment or the redundant nature of life at home.


Performance ends with the last letter of the alphabet ೞ /jna/ which stands for /jnana/ which means knowledge. There are no objects found starting from this letter but only the concept and that is knowledge. Philosophically, it ends where it begins.


January 2017
Venue: T&P Studio, Goldsmiths, London, UK

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